The Top 5 Portable Air Purifiers In 2021: Start Living A Healthier Life By Increasing Air Quality

Mar 13, 21
The Top 5 Portable Air Purifiers In 2021: Start Living A Healthier Life By Increasing Air Quality

Wandhal Team

march 26, 2021

Air Quality Is More Important Than You Think.

Air Purifiers have been gaining popularity since last year. Every day more and more people are aware of all the health benefits of having clean air at home. In this post, we'll take a look at the most popular and effective portable air purifiers.  So you can compare them and decide which one of all the available options are better for your needs.

Remember that you should always be aware of the air conditions around you. Lots of health problems are related to continous exposure to poor air conditions. Air purifiers are tools that can aid in reducing and monitoring the air quaility at home and at work. Make sure to pick the one that best fits your needs!

The AirHealth Pro is the perfect balance between size, price and purification quality. This air purifier offers a 5 layer filter mechanism which includes the famous HEPA filter on one of its purification layers. It is a small, portable air purifier suitable for one small room. You can use it on your office, work, or any other location where you spend most of your time.

This air purifier is also super silent, you won't even notice when its turned on. So you can rest assured it can be used at night or during your working hours. In our opinion, this is the best option for a well rounded air purifier at a decent price tag.

This air purifier has a 3 in 1 mechanism and its from one of the top brands in the air purifers industry. It's ideal for a 20m2 room, so it can work on most medium to small sized rooms at home. It also includes a Oil Diffuser and a small LED light, so it offer nice additional features compared to other air purifiers.

The 3 in one filter is composed of 1 fine preliminary filter, a second true HEPA filter and a third activated carbon filter. This air purifer has less than 45dB of sound noise, super silent, no worries about using it at night or during working hours.

Composite Air is a great choice for rooms at home or at work since it offers a complete filtering mechanism and at the same time it offers a great price compared to its great quaility.

The White Dolphin Air Purifier is designed for personal / really small places. Its aim is to provide the user the best air quaility possible. Its small design and silent purifying mechanism makes it one of the top choices for personal air purifiers.

Another great benefit of this air cleaner is that it comes with a really nices aire display that measures the quaility of the aire around it. That way you can always measure and be aware of the air conditions near you. This is super important, because its very common that we get used to working on places with poor air quaility and then start getting health problems without knowing where they came from.

This air purifier comes with3 leves of purifications, an advanced carbon filter. a negative ion purifications system and super silent work mechanism. You can get this one for $120.00. Choose this if you really want to control the aire quaility on your home/work and want reliable data you can periodically check.  

The LuminAir Ozone is a super small ozone purifier that's affordable and helps mainly with odor removal. It's ozone generation mechanism helps with things like sweat odors, smoke, pets, shoes and humidity odors. It has a super convenient and ultra small design that saves valuable space on your home, making it a compact and affordable solution for anyone working at home or at a small office.

TheLuminAirhas 2 modes. The first one allows you to get 30 minutes of continous operation. The second one, generates ozone for 10 minutes and the stops for 2. It comes with a single button so its super easy to operate.

LuminAir is $69.99, comes with a USB charger and supports up 8 hours of continous work without recharging. This a really convenient option for small places and if your primary concern is reducing odors at the place you're at.

If you spend a lot of time inside your car, thenthe HealthyCar Purifieris the choice for you. This air purifier is designed specifically for usage inside the car and allows you to breath clean air despite all the pollutants you car gets exposed to.

This Air purifier clears 99% of allergens, dust, pollen, smoke and other toxic substances from the air. It includes a negative ion generator that sterilizes the air and removes all dangerous particles from your car.

This is a great compact choice,it fits in any car cupholder at super low dB. So no worries about loud noises inside the car. You can rest assured this air purifier will be the perfect choice for your car, you can even use it in your desk or any other small area.

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