BeautyME™ 360 Make Up Organizer



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Makeup disaster? We got you.

A Must-Have Organizer for Any Beauty Enthusiast, Home Room, Makeup girl or Bathroom

  • BeautyME ™ Organizes all of your beauty products in just one place with a beautiful rotating tabletop.
  • Display creams, makeup brushes, blushes, lotions, and any other cosmetic or beauty products.
  • Very useful for toiletries like deodorant, facial scrubs, lotions, cleansing towels, and hair products
  • Store and showecase jewelry and accesories. Keep Tools, medicine bottles, keepsakes, kitchen spices, and office supplies in orders.
  • Reduce clutter and disorganization. Save time & maximize your space. You can use each level to categorize your cosmetics by color, brand, size,etc.
  • Rotating Items are always within easy reach. Simply spin the organizer to stow or retrieve products on multi-level tier trays. 
  • Super easy to mount and clean, assemble in as little as 3 minutes. (INSTRUCTIONS BELOW)
  • Trays adjust to height of your products
  • Features 6 tier levels total, 4 removable shelf trays and 15 divided slot compartments on top tier
  • BeautyMe Balanced base plate has smooth and silent rotation
  • Makeup & Products NOT INCLUDED
  • Dimensions BELOW 


Easy to assemble & clean.

7 Layers allows the storage of different product sizes.


360 Rotation System  


Dimension and Included Parts:


BeautyME is perfect for anyone who has beauty products, a perfect gift and super useful for any member at home.


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