Composite Air



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A compact, powerful and lightweight USB air purifier that will make your feel healthy, breath deliciuous purifed air and prevent health issues long term. Composite air is the perfect choice for purifying the air of small to medium spaces  while having a beautifully designed home decor item.

  • Its both an air purifier and an aroma diffuser. Its 2 in 1 function is the perfect choice to have relaxing aromas at home while purifyin the air at the same time.
  • Includes an elegant blue light that can be used as a lamp. Just touch the center of the device and you will be able to adjust brightness.
  • The negative ions purifier helps kill bacterias, remove dust, and prevent allergies at home. The perfect choice if you suffer constantly of allergies due to dust or pet dander.
  • The noise is less than 30dB so it won't disturb you at all. Most people leave it on while sleeping and experience no problems with the air cleaner on.
  • Composite Air include a real H12 HEPA filter. It cleans the air from ultra fine particles in size of 0.3um or larger. 

Composite air is the most complete portable air purifer, giving you a led lamp, an oil diffuser and an air purifier, all in a small, practical and beautifully designed device. Prevent health issues and live a long healthy life with the Composite Air.



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