Kinetic Desk Toys Desktop GyroBall (2 units)



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This product includes 2 Gyroballs,

  • 【HIGH QUALITY】Using a top quality aluminum material, the gyroball offers a super durable material. Bottom has anti-slip mat, can let it close to the ground.


  • 【Unique Design】Spin it on your desk or on any flat surface. You just have to rotate it by hand and the magical effect will start, looking like a continously flowing helix. It spins silently so you won't be bothering anyone around.


  • 【Optical illusion for the whole body】The flawless machine ball rotates perfectly, creating an amazing optical ilusion of a continous flow. The optical ilussion changes depending on the direction and the speed of rotation. 


  • 【Inspiration for creativity and stress relief】Release your stress, improve you creativity and take that desired break on your desk. The effect helps with anxiety, and problems focusing. Use the Gyroball to take your productivity ti the next level!


  • 【2020  NOVELTY GIFT】 Looking for a cool gift? With home offices becoming more and more commong we think the gyroball will make the perfect gift for your home office. Enhance your working space and create a stress free desk with the Gyroball. 


    Relieve Stress)Desk Fidget Toy for your lover, friends, family ... 



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