Electric Detangling Brush | Wet or Dry | Automatic Hair Detangler



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  • Automatic Detangling Mechanism: The easiest way to detangle your hair. This brush teeth move back and forth at super fast speed so that it gently losens all the nots and tangles in your hair. Much easier and faster than any other manual hair detangler.
  • Sleek design & Easy to use. This portable and innovative brush has a firm grip for your hand and allows you to detangle your hair without straining your wrists or arms.
  • Use it on Dry or wet hair. You can choose when to detangle your hair. This amazing hair detangler brush can work either on wet or dry hair.
  • Stop Pulling your hair: The automatic hair detangler helps you by avoiding pulling your hair, which can damage your scalps and cause long term hair issues.

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