HealthyCar Purifier | HEPA Car Air Purifier Travel-Sized Portable, Mercury-Free, Ozone-Free



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  • The Only H13 Air Filter for Your Car: The HeathyCar Purifier helps you eliminate 99% of dangerous particles in the air, helping you achieve better health levels and keep the air conditions of the car at an optimal state.
  • UV Light Desinfection: The purifying mechanism of the HealthyCar Purifier helps you remove 99.99% of the bacterias and viruses that cause health problems
  • Easy To Setup: The HealthyCar purifier starts working in seconds. Start purifying the air in a couple minutes after turning it on. 
  • Enjoy the benefits of AromaTherapy: This portable air purifier has a USB charger that will help you charge it anywhere at any time. Plug it into your car charger or on any other USB charger at home or at work.

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