LED Lamp Mosquito Zapper

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  • 【Scientific and Effective】The Mosquito killer is scientifically proven to work. Research has shown a drastic decrease on the spread of diseases thanks to these devices.
  • 【Safe and Healthy】Everyone can use the bug zapper indoor with confidence.While enjoying a sweet sleep, the health of the family will not be affected at all.Please by with confidence!
  • 【Quiet and Low Consumption】The bug zapper has gentle light and tiny sound,it is so quiet which would not disturb your sweet dream.It is also consumes little power.There will be less than 3 degree power a month even using all day long.

  • 【Easy to Use and clean 】Just place it at about 1 meter above the ground.It is USB powered.Give power to the device and turn off the lights in the house.Then it will start to work.When the storage box is fulled, you can twist the box,remove and clean it, after that, it can be used as new.
  • 【Widely used and Durable】USB power supply,the cable is 37 inches long.It can be connected to adapters, mobile power, computers or any device with a USB port.Suitable for living room,kitchen,bedroom,basement,shop,office,travel and camping.Durable and reusable, can be used for many years.
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY- It is safe for humans and pets, it has no smell, 100% Safe and enviromentally friendly. Helping to prevent mosquito and other insect bites your family