LuminAir Ozone



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  • LuminAir Ozone is an innovative air purifier that provides ozone generation in a convenient and small device. Get rid of all the health problems due to poor air conditions anywhere you are.
  • It includes a removable cover that's easily cleaned for continous usage and for cleaning off all the polluted air particles.
  • Super simple to use. A single button, one touch mechanism, provides a simple and fast experience for the user. One press turns it on, long press to turn it off.
  • 30 minutes of continous work and long duration mode (10 minutes of work, 2 minutes of rest during 8 hours).
  • LuminAir Ozone is portable and has rechargable batteries, charget it with any USB charger.
  • Use it for the kitchen too! LuminAir Ozone can help to purify fruits and vegetable by removig viruses, agrochemical fertilizers and other dangerous particles for the health.
  • Start changing your life now, live a healthier life, breather healthier aire, and protect your loved ones with LuminAir Ozone.


2. Color: white

3. Shell material: environment-friendly ABS

4. Applicable space: less than 7 square meters

5. Led working indicator

6. Input voltage: DC 5V

7. Rated power: 0.4w

8. Negative ion quantity: 500,000

9. Ozone: 5mg/h

10, functions: used for toilet, refrigerator, wardrobe, shoe cabinet odor, deodorization and disinfection, ozone sterilization and purification of air, with anion function fresh air

11, light and compact, do not take up space, carry

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