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Prepare yourself for every new day with this gorgeous LED vanity mirror. This bathroom mirror with light is the perfect tools for all your daily grooming activities, makeup, shaving, or doing your hair. Includes a high end, modern touch screen that will allow you to set up different light intensisties depending on the use case. This bathroom mirror offers a top notch, modern design and will make your bathroom look stylish, unique and modern while providing you with a useful too for you daily activities.

Main Features:

  • Different Light Modes and Colors:¬†This large size vanity mirror with lights offers the best option for iluminating your large bathroom with natural and warm light colors. The included touch controls allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to match your ideal taste with a simple touch on the mirror.
  • Fog Free Mirror:¬†After a long relaxing steamy shower, this bathroom mirror will allow you to clearly see even after all the steam, thanks to its included anti-fog technology. The LED bathroom mirror will allow you to get ready right after the shower without waiting for the fog to go away or having to clean up the fog in the bathroom mirror.
  • Included Touch Screen Controls: This vanity mirror is not only big and modern. It also included a stylish and modern touch control for light intensity. Giving your bathroom a modern, high-tech touch that will match no other bathroom! The touch controls of the wall mirror also have an internal memory so it can remember your preffered settings.
  • Easy, Pain Free Installation: Our wall mirror with lights can be displayed either horizontally or vertically depending on the preffered usage. A detailed instruction manual is included for the installation on 6 simple steps.

Technical Details

2 Size Variations:

  • 40 x 24 inches
  • 36 x 28 inches
  • Include cable power plug and mounting parts
  • Color Temeratur: 3000K,4000K, 6000K
  • CRI: >= 9Ra
  • IP Rate: IP666
  • Watts: 48w

Assembly Instructions (Instruction Manual Also Included)

  • Make sure the¬†wall mirror is unplugged before installation.
  • Make appropriate measurements on a solid wall (the¬†light bathroom¬†mirror can be installed horizontally or vertically).
  • Use the proper drill to make two holes on the wall.
  • Hammer the anchor plug into the holes in the wall.
  • Hang the¬†bathroom mirror on the screw.
  • Switch power on and touch the button on the mirror to test your new LyteSho mirror.

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