Automatic Robot Vaccum Cleaner - Life RoboClean Pro Smart Vaccum Cleaner For Capets, Floors And Pets



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  • The most amazing vaccum cleaner for saving precious time cleaning the floor at home.
  • The RoboClean Pro includes 4 modes to fulfill all you cleaning need: 1) Auto Clean. 2) Spot Clean. 3) Wall follow Clean 4) Manual clean. You can easily switch this smart robot vaccum between all 4 modes using the included smartphone app.
  • Amazing Battery: Our Automatic Vaccum Cleaner includes a 1800mAh battery made of lithium iron, making it work up to 100mins using low suction mode. The RoboClean Pro vaccum cleaner will go back to its base autmatically once it runs out of battery.
  • Easy To Use Smartphone App: The RoboClean Vaccum bot include a smartphone app that is super easy to use. You can create a home cleaning schedule, use the smart assistant to start and stop the robot, and monitor the battery and cleaning cycles of your RoboClean App
  • Smart Moving, No Collisions: This Automatic Vaccum Cleaner has 6D sensor with infrared technology that prevents collisions that can damage the unit. It also allows more efficient cleaning and lower power consumption. One of the bestĀ 
  • Brushless Suction: The advanced brushless suction technology allows you to clean surfaces without cogging pet hair or any other solid materiales like other suction mechanisms.

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